My name is Scott Balfour. Welcome to my portfolio website! I'm a web designer and front-end developer (with some experience in other fields) and all-around geek based out of Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

 I believe that websites should be kept simple and clean for the sake of user friendliness, but still visually interesting and interactive to make it stand out from the rest.

 From the Summer of 2010 to the Spring of 2012 I studied Web Design and Interactive Media, a diploma program, at the Art Institute of Vancouver. At AiV I learned all kinds of things, ranging from scripting languages like JavaScript and jQuery to ActionScript2+3, design layout, colour theory, typography, copywriting, photography, videography, project and team management and more. While attending AiV I earned honour roll for the Spring 2011 quarter and a Merit award for the Summer 2011 quarter, and earned a cumulative GPA of 3.3.
 I've been working on websites since as early as grade 11 at Maple Ridge Secondary, where I created them for fictional clients (acted by my teacher) and started the now-defunct English deparment site. I also worked on various other projects using Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive, Dreamweaver, Director and Flash.

 When I'm not working on websites, I'm probably doing something geeky (gaming, reading coding books, debating the difference between geeks and nerds), working on my car, hanging out with my friends, or spending some quality time in the great outdoors. I'm an amateur car enthusiast (formerly apathetic, though I realized the error of my ways and turned from the dark side), particularly interested in modern American muscle.

 When I'm free to, I volunteer with the Radical Raptors show at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. I've been helping there since Winter 2009, and to date have recorded 350 hours of volunteer time.

 If you have any questions about me, any of my work, or you think we could work together on your project, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached by e-mail by clicking my name below, or at Feel free to check out my work, and thanks for visiting!

Car Crier

Car Crier was a small group project that my classmates Kyle, Levi, and I started for fun and later used for an assignment. The concept of Car Crier is a simple site where disgruntled drivers can track down the moron who cut them off (or the dude in the Stingray) and leave them a "mindful" message (or compliment). I was generally responsible for the overall appearance of the site, but helped with the back-end development.

Haney Bakery

This is the website I created for a local small business, Haney Bakery, along with new business cards to replace the Staples template previously used. The purpose of the website was to give the public insight into the products for sale as well as the company "behind the scenes", such as sponsorships, donations, etc. The appearance of the site aims for a classy, modern-minimalist look, similar to the storefront's theme.

The I.C.H.

The Identity Crisis Helpline was the site built for a mock "be yourself" campaign in our Copywriting class. Essentially, the campaign was aimed towards youth between 10-18 years old and was a satirical way of telling them not to worry about cliques or stereotypes and to just be themselves. I had a large role in copywriting, and a supporting/debugging role in the coding (ActionScript 2).

Poster Gallery

I made a lot of posters in my History and Analysis of Design class, which took a look at the main art styles from the early 1900s - the Victorian Era - towards the early 2000s - the Digital Age. In this class, we were tasked with researching a decade of artistic style and creating a poster using elements of it paired with a modern subject each week (so that it would be a modern poster, but look as if it was a poster/art piece from that time period).
(Dada styled photomontage shown.)

NOPE database

This site is a work in progress where users can post their "NOPE stories". NOPE stories are an internet trend popularized by certain image boards and forums. Essentially, users share paranormal or creepy experiences using a "greentext" format (again originating from certain sites) which is a way of condensing a story into short, concise sentences preceded by the ">" character (which indicates a new line). I started this site for two reasons: to sharpen my PHP/mySQL abilities and to create a dedicated website for NOPE stories, as I have a particular affinity for them.

Mobile Device Quiz

In my ActionScript 3 class, we were tasked with making a quiz by taking in external information and "assigning" it 'roles' (some were questions, and the rest were answers). There was a twist, however, and we had to design it to function on a mobile device and enlarge all the text, buttons, etc. accordingly to ensure its usability. Take my test and see how much you know about the Pontiac car brand!